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112 MIVA Merchant Modules
Availability and Licensing: All of our software modules are listed under individual subcategories based on their function. Our modules not only improve the look and feel of your store, but significantly extend the overall functionality of your Miva Merchant shopping cart system. We license the modules from Emporium Plus by domain/mall. Hence, if you have 10 stores under a single mall (merchant.mvc), our modules can be used under the single domain license. No need to purchase multiple module licenses for each of your stores under a single domain/mall. The license is for one domain/mall and cannot be sold, transferred, or re-distributed.

Committed to Excellence: As a major Miva Merchant module developer for over a decade, we are able to offer modules at lower prices and with a longer track record of reliability than all other major module suppliers. Our installed modules base (many of our modules are installed in hundreds of stores from Merchant version 1.x up to the latest compiled Merchant version) is large which allows us to keep our prices lower than most. Take a look at our modules, then look at others'. Compare features that you need. Don't pay for features that you won't use or which make your store more confusing to the customer. Make sure you are buying from a store which supports its software. If you have a question, support is a click away (Contact Us link below). Our store's longevity attests to our dedication to software support. Then base your purchases on fair prices, required features, and solid support.

Software Compatibility: Almost all of our software modules are compatible with the standard Miva Merchant (MMUI and CSSUI) and OpenUI (version 4x) look and feel user interfaces. Of those few that are OpenUI (v4x) only, an experienced developer could likely integrate the functional code into the if not using OpenUI (v4x). If your store uses the OpenUI (v4x), our modules plug in without editing the standard Merchant mv files. You should review our install documents online to assess installation difficulty. If you are unsure about the difficulty, contact us before ordering. These modules are designed to function with the standard database systems that comes with Miva Merchant.

template data feed module output of MM5 modulestemplate data feed module output of MM5 modules

If you have questions about a particular module, contact us before ordering.

COUPON OFFER: We are currently offering a coupon good for 5% off all plugin module purchases at this store. To redeem the coupon, enter SPRING2014 for the coupon code during checkout. The maximum redemption value of this coupon is $50.00. The coupon can be used in addition to software upgrade discounts and volume purchases, when applicable.