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    Code: 1AA00068
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    Latest Version: 5.021
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      Add EZ Batch Report Module for 4.14 to 5.x only ($17.00)

    (4.67) 21 raters
    Review by Ian - Jun 3, 2013
    Made so much difference to our users shopping experience as we can get the info we need to make the changes necessary to improve our website - Five *.
    Review by Susan - May 17, 2012
    This is a great module with the usual excellent documentation. I always come here first for my Miva needs.

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    Collect supplemental, required or non-required responses from customers at checkout. You can add as many additional checkout questions to your form as you want, within reason.

    Features (some features are only in the compiled version):
    - Collect supplemental, required or non-required responses from customers at checkout
    - Export responses to a delimited flat file
    - View responses in the file with a searchable admin report
    - Display response in the email, invoice and batch reports
    - Include responses in the order export file created by our inexpensive EZ Batch Report module
    - Exclude one or more responses from emails
    - Optional page break between orders in the OpenUI batch report
    - Display in OpenOrders, individual order screen
    - Configure text label for each question in the emails and reports
    - Special instructions for the order, e.g. shipping needs
    - Collect responses from survey or poll questions
    - Customer entered gift card messages
    - Questions displayed in a table which the store owner designs with standard HTML
    - Limit the display of questions based on specific product codes
    - Limit the display of questions based on the ship to country of the order
    - Assign a fee to one response, for example gift wrapping fee, donation, or rush handling
    - Insert a negative fee (vs positive fee) for impromptu sales, etc
    - One or more responses can be required before customer can proceed
    - Used in conjunction with our Mail Manager module, activate sending of specific emails
    - Highlighted error message when required response(s) are omitted
    - Our standard version contains the features you'd expect in competitors' pro version
    - OpenUI and MMUI compatible

    Feature Details.
    The responses are exported to a delimited text file which can be imported into most database management systems for further analysis. You can also have those responses appear in the MIVA Merchant Email notification and batch processing. If you are using the OpenUI, the responses can also be viewed in OpenOrders individual order screen. Use the module for the customer to add special instructions for the order, collect responses from survey or poll questions, allow the customer to fill out gift card messages, include salesman or representative code, etc.

    The admin interface allows you to build the form with your store's questions using standard html syntax. Hence, you can make the response collection table match the rest of your store's look and feel. You can have text, radio, select drop down list, text area, and checkbox inputs designed the way you want them. Add css if you like or use typical fonts and table tags.

    You can place the questions on one of the three checkout screens. This module is compatible with the MMUI and OpenUI. When using the OpenUI, simply select the screen from admin. When using the MMUI, editing the file will accomplish the same thing. Note that if you are using compiled Merchant (4.14 - 4.2x), you must also recompile the after editing so you would need the compiler license from MIVA. Thus, for compiled Merchant 4.x, the OpenUI is required unless you have the mivascript compiler and MMUI source file ( This does not apply to Merchant 5.x.

    You can also specify one or more of the questions to be required. Customers will not be able to complete the checkout if they do not respond to the required questions.

    You can purge old questions from the active file and place them in a historical file in order to improve response time during order batch processing retrieval. The optional order batch retrieval requires editing the core batch report unless you are using the OpenUI batch report, which has hook points for the addendum module data.

    In the compiled version you can limit the display of Addendum questions based on specific product codes. If you list product codes in the admin input, the questions will only be displayed if one of those products is in the basket at checkout. You can also use the wild card product code like 1AA*. If the applicable products all begin with the same characters, you can use the asterisk. This can only be used for the beginning characters in the product codes. You can also limit the display of questions to specific ship to countries. You can optionally include the questions in the emails along with the responses. When including questions and responses in OpenUI or Mail Manager emails, you can use the module's tokens to hide one or more of the responses which you don't want included in insecure emails. If using our Mail Manager module you can have a question (checkbox) which will trigger a specific email, e.g. opt-in mailing list signup. If using the OpenUI in Merchant 4.x, you can select in admin whether to insert the response in the merchant notification or customer confirmation emails or both. In Merchant 5.x we have included a modified merchant email which includes all of the addendum responses. The 5.x email also has tokens for the subject to let you add things like order ID and buyer's name. You can also include the questions and responses on the invoice (last page after payment completes). The responses for the batch report are retrieved from an indexed database for faster access. Optionally you can have a page break after each order in the OpenUI batch report. You can also attach a fee to a specific answer to one question if you place the questions on either the customer information or shipping/payment selection screens. The Addendum View report feature allows you to search (within admin) the addendum.dat file for specific responses. For example, you might have a question for a specific requested shipping date. Simply search the file for orders which have requested the delayed shipping for that date. The order numbers can be returned and fed into the EZ Batch report (sold separately) for a tailored report for a specific shipping date. Another popular use of Addendum is to collect the salesman or representative code with an order. Not only can you display the code in the batch report, but if you use Addendum View to create a list of orders attributed to that salesman, you can make a batch printout for each salesman with only their orders on it if you are using our EZ Batch Report. You can also include the Addendum responses in the order export file that EZ Batch creates.

    The compiled version of this module can use OpenTokens instead of hook points within OpenObjects. The OpenDesigner screen lists the OpenObjects which can replace all or some screens within the OpenUI user interface. The OpenObjects provide a template screen which contains the existing hook points (backward compatibility), OpenToken capability, and the ability to move output around within the OpenObject screen.

    Limitation: When used in a store which uses PayFlow link, PayPal or iTransact payment systems, you will need to place your questions on either the customer information screen or the shipping and payment selection screen. Those payment systems transport the customer to another domain. Hence, the module needs to save the responses to a file before the customer is transported off-site. When the customer returns from the off-site payment screens back to your store, the responses will be retrieved for saving to flat file or display in your merchant notification email.

    The Addendum module has been in use since Merchant version 1.x and continually enhanced with each version. If all you need is a module to collect checkout responses, it is great. However, if you'd like a module which treats the responses as custom fields of an order so that store owners can create unlimited custom fields which can be filled out by customers or store personnel, checkout the Order Custom Fields module.

    Online overview and initial setup instructions for our MIVA Merchant modules.

    Screen shot showing response collection form

    Screen shot of building the questions form in admin

    Screen shot showing fee related response (compiled version)

    Screen shot showing fee configuration (compiled version)

    Screen shot showing product code eligibility (compiled version)

    Screen shot showing report query (compiled version)

    Updated: Monday 11/03/2014 15:45:56 (Nov 3, 2014)