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    Code: 1AA00204
    Price: $20.00
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Latest Version: 5.006
    MIVA Merchant Version:
    4.14+ compiled
    Upgrade: Previous order number for this product: (subtract $3.00)
    Your Merchant URL:

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    Display the attribute prompt instead of the attribute code in the basket display, during checkout, and on the invoice. In Merchant 4.x (with OpenUI) you can also display them in both the OpenUI merchant notification and customer confirmation emails. If using our Mail Manager email module you won't need the OpenUI for Merchant 4.x or 5.x to display the prompts.

    The module requires use of the OpenUI and MIVA Merchant version 4.12 up through 4.2x. Merchant 5.x does not require OpenUI as the page templates have direct access to the code changes.

    The default is to apply the replacement to all products in the basket. However, if you desire, you can limit it by including only specific product codes into the eligibility input in the module's admin configuration screen. If you leave the eligibility input empty, all products will be eligible.

    Merchant 4.12-4.13: If you are using options (select and radio), it does not replace the code with the prompt for options. However, carefully designed option codes should be all that is necessary to provide a meaningful display, e.g. Shirt color: Red. The "Shirt color" is the attribute prompt and the "Red" is the option code.

    Merchant 4.14 and newer: The module also replaces the option codes with option prompts. This module can be used in conjunction with the EZ Batch Report to display the prompts instead of the codes in a store configurable batch report.

    Online overview and initial setup instructions for our MIVA Merchant modules.

    Screen shot of admin configuration

    Updated: Wednesday 03/02/2011 22:26:33 (Mar 2, 2011)