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    Export your MIVA Merchant product data in the basic file format required for Shopzilla/BizRate data feed submissions for inclusion in their ecommerce search directory. They are one of the largest independent shopping search engine in the US. This MIVA Merchant plugin module works with both MMUI and OpenUI. No edits required.
    • If you are using MIVA's custom fields module, the additional field data can be used to populate Shopzilla's additional fields and added to the description.
    • Shopzilla Data Feed plugin module creates the datafeed flat file directly from your admin
      • Frequent, no hassle submissions keep your data current in Shopzilla
      • Eliminates the need to copy product and category databases from the server to your PC to produce a flat file export with software such as MS Excel
      • Uses your data as it exists within admin at the moment it is run
    • Control over category insertion
      • Limit export to specific categories
      • Match your categories to the Shopzilla category ID for accurate placement in their system
    • Removes html from your product descriptions
    • Included in the module are features to eliminate timeouts when generating the data feed export of large numbers of products
    • Exports to your documents directory rather than your data directory for ease of capture and transmittal
    • You can create directory style links in the feed

  • Apply to Shopzilla for the program
  • Install this module and run it
  • FTP resulting flat file to Shopzilla

    Note: This is a brand new module. The Shopzilla ops staff have found an issue with their validator and are getting some product errors on import. They are working on the issue. Review the results of the feed and verify that those products that are accepted are ok. I expect to have an updated version of the module if Shopzilla needs me to alter something in order to satisfy their validator. Then again, they may figure out the problem with their validator and I won't need to alter the module.

    This module is no longer available as a separate product. Its capabilities have been incorporated into the TDF.

    Online overview and initial setup instructions for our MIVA Merchant modules.

    Screen shot showing configuration in admin

    Screen shot showing screen to run the export

  • Updated: Monday 04/15/2013 07:41:44 (Apr 15, 2013)