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    Code: 1AA00221
    Price: $35.50
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Latest Version: 5.006
    MIVA Merchant Version:
    4.14+ compiled
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    (4.33) 3 raters
    Review by Al - Jun 15, 2012
    Easy install and works great.
    Review by Sheri - May 7, 2009
    Works great. Thanks!.

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    Recalculate the basket prices based on the price group a customer is in when they log in. Normally, if a customer is not logged in when they place items in the basket, the basket price will be a non-price group price, even after they log in at check out.

    - Automatically recalculate basket prices when logging in
    - Exclude specific product codes from the recalculation
    - Safety check price change to ensure it does not raise it
    - Token available to force recalculation in addition to the automatic log in recalculation (Merchant 5.x only)
    - Supports "Variant Price is set by the Inventory Product" (version 5.005 or newer) if using the autogenerate method

    Feature Details.
    Automatically recalculate. When the customer logs in, the module will determine the price group status of the customer. If they are in a price group, it will recalculate the prices in the basket to reflect the price group prices of the items if you are using the built in price group system.

    Product exclusion. In some cases, you may not want to recalculate the basket price for specific products. As example, there are 3rd party modules which adjust the basket price based on other factors set by those modules. The External Product Purchase, Size Pricing, Dimension Pricing, Override Pricing modules allow the customer to enter values in the products' attributes which ultimately effect the basket prices of the products. This product exclusion feature lets you exclude those products from the recalculation process. The basket price will remain as it was calculated by the 3rd party module that originally controlled the addition of the product into the basket.

    Safety check. The module will verify that the price group recalculation will actually lower the price. Some 3rd party modules discount item prices at the time they are added to the basket, based on a variety of factors. An example of this is Volume Pricing. If the customer orders in quantity and you have set the threshold so they will get a price break for multiples of the item, the item will be added to the basket at a price lower than its individual item price. In some cases, that value could even be lower than price group prices. The recalculation module will compare the two prices and use the lower of the two for the basket price.

    Additional token. The additional token feature is in the Merchant 5.x version of the module only. This module will make the recalculation at the time the customer logs in. In some cases, you might want to force the process again. For example, our Customer and Product Administration module has an automatic price group promotion feature. If you set that to occur when they log in, it actually happens when the screen displays at the point you place the token to do that. As the recalculation module does its automatic feature before the screen displays, the customer would not get the full advantage of a promotion to a new price group. Hence, if you are using a price group promotion feature in another 3rd party module, you can follow that process with a forced basket price group recalculation with the token <mvt:item name="bkrecalc" param="compare" /> .

    This module has been used by many since 2006. If all you need is a module to recalculate basket prices, it is great. However, if you'd like a module which has much more control of your price groups AND does the recalculation upon login, checkout the Price Group Manager module. For a few dollars more it is a bargain.

    Online overview and initial setup instructions for our MIVA Merchant modules.

    Updated: Friday 06/15/2012 13:05:07 (Jun 15, 2012)