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Welcome to the Emporium Plus module store. Emporium Plus was founded in 1999 by William (Bill) Weiland as an outlet for his plug-in modules for the newly created Miva Merchant shopping cart system. We are the largest developer of plug-in modules for the Miva Merchant shopping cart system. We have well over 100 different modules, many of them for multiple versions of Miva Merchant (2x-5x). They are in use in thousands of stores to enhance their functionality and look and feel.

Emporium Plus Modules Installed

Only a few of our 100+ modules are installed in this store. Click below to review some of each of those module's version 5x capabilities.

Emporium Plus Tool Kit

Greatly extend the capabilities of store morph coding. Some of the below features are in this store. There are dozens more with example code snippets included.
  • Create mobile optimized pages to improve shopping experience via cell phone
  • Ultra short links for maximum search engine optimization
  • Multiple category page templates.
  • On-the-fly sorting for Category and "All Products" screens (including by custom product fields)
  • Pagination and numbering on Category and "All Products" screens
  • First letter A-Z filtering on Category, Product List and Search screens
  • Simple Search for searching product and custom product fields with on-the-fly sorting and products per page selection. You can put the Simple Search directly on the main or advanced search page. You can also put it on the Product List page and the Category pages (as we have done in this store).
  • Multiple product page templates
  • Breadcrumb navigation on Product & Category screens even when the Category_Code is not in the url
  • Best Sellers on any screen
  • Mini-basket on any screen
  • Display a customer's recent visit history
  • Display pages currently being browsed by all customers
  • Shipping calculator on any screen
  • Wait List for both standard and inventory by attributes
  • Track and display the number of page views for each product
  • Favorites/Wish List
  • Customer login lookup
  • 1-click basket save and restore for future visits any time in the future
  • Automatically save basket items and restore at any time in the future
  • Continue shopping
  • Clear basket with single click
  • Next and Previous links on the product page with or without Category_Code in the url
  • Customers who bought product X also bought these products
  • Send page snapshot to a friend, co-worker, etc
  • Cookie handling, e.g. personalize the login message with the customer's first name on return visits
  • Advanced rating and review features, logged in or not logged in (anonymous optional), emails, verified buyers
Learn more about the Emporium Plus Tool Kit

Power Search

Implement intelligent, dynamic navigation in your store. Key capabilities:
  • On-the-fly sorting (including by custom product fields)
  • Pagination and numbering
  • Field specific search
  • First letter A-Z filtering
  • Category specific search
  • Field boosting
  • Keyword scoring for relevance
  • Did you mean word lists
  • Search clouds
  • Suggested words list
Learn more about the Power Search

Sort Categories and Products

Sorting could not be easier. No need to sort products within categories one at a time like you do with the built in sort. One button click and the module cycles through each category to sort the products.
  • Sort categories by name, code or entry date
  • Sort products by name, code, price or entry date (ascending or descending)
  • Sort entire store (all categories at once) or sort one category at a time
  • Sort very large products database, e.g. 100,000 products
  • Sort products within categories by name, code, price or entry date (ascending or descending)
  • Categories do not all have to be sorted the same way
  • Move specific products to the top of the product list, search and category pages with a quick mass input
  • Display an image before the product name for products with a sort order number lower than the trigger number established by the store owner
  • Count products in each category for later display at runtime to reduce server load and page view time
Learn more about the Sort Categories and Products


Include questions at checkout which the customer can respond to, e.g. rush order, special shipping, and gift card message.
  • Collect supplemental, required or non-required responses from customers at checkout
  • Export responses to a delimited flat file
  • View responses in the file with a searchable admin report
  • Display response in the email, invoice and batch reports
  • Include responses in the order export file created by our inexpensive EZ Batch Report module (sold separately)
  • Exclude one or more responses from emails
  • Special instructions for the order, e.g. shipping needs
  • Collect responses from survey or poll questions
  • Customer entered gift card messages
  • Questions displayed in a table which the store owner designs with standard HTML
  • Limit the display of questions based on specific product codes
  • Limit the display of questions based on the ship to country of the order
  • Assign a fee to one response, for example gift wrapping fee, donation, or rush handling
  • Insert a negative fee (vs positive fee) for impromptu sales, etc
  • One or more responses can be required before customer can proceed
  • Used in conjunction with our Mail Manager module (sold separately), activate sending of specific emails
  • Highlighted error message when required response(s) are omitted
  • Our standard version contains the features you'd expect in competitors' pro version
Learn more about the Addendum

Mail Manager

Incorporate this advanced email module in your store for Welcome emails and html/text multipart Order emails. It can even be used to send screen snapshots of pages in your store to friends and co-workers.
  • Autoresponder - specialized emails at the completion of the order
  • Merchant notification and customer confirmation
  • Vendor and product specific templates
  • Can limit sending based on a specific attribute/option code for a product
  • Include coupons or promo codes when specific products ordered
  • Optionally require an input to allow the email, eg a response from Addendum
  • Easy to use checkbox configuration of vertical or horizontal layout emails
  • Highly configurable free form legacy template layout emails with embedded tokens
  • SMT 5.x order emails can be used for most scenarios
  • HTML or text email formatting
  • SMT 5.x order emails can be multipart text and html for the email client challenged
  • In Merchant 5.x change character set from default iso-8859-1 to others, e.g. utf-8
  • Send merchant page snapshot emails in Merchant 5
  • Unlimited forms can send emails to the store in Merchant 5
  • Archive flat file is created for each template, easily track sales activity
  • Mail Manager Report module can display the flat file contents by time period or product
  • Ship to, bill to and other email addresses for each template
  • Send emails to your company's internal departments, e.g. shipping
  • Emails to web enabled cell phones as abbreviated messages
  • Open architecture so that other events can also trigger an automated response
  • Can resend emails when the customer knows and enters their order number and email address (requires compiled 4.x or newer Merchant and template page that can use module tokens)
  • In Merchant 5, use render token to send an email from any page in your store
  • Use standard module token to send an email from template pages (requires compiled 4.x Merchant and template page that can use module tokens)
  • Send a welcome email before the order completes and include a promo code
  • In Merchant 5, include custom customer field data in the welcome emails
  • Include 3rd party data with tokens, e.g. Addendum responses
  • In Merchant 5.x display custom product and customer fields
  • Display shipping and payment invoice messages
  • Ship to country address formatted according to the applicable country's postal recommendations
  • Restrict email to a specified order dollar value range, reward big spending customers with a coupon
  • Restrict email to a specified list of countries, thus allowing for language specific emails
Learn more about the Mail Manager

Payment Methods for Groups

Sort the payment methods and restrict their use by price groups, location, subtotal range, and categories of products.
  • Sort payment methods in the order you want them
  • Template with tokens to layout methods as select list or radio button group
  • Default layout for those who do not have skills with HTML and tokens
  • Restrict methods by price group customers
  • Restrict methods by ship to or bill to country
  • Restrict methods by subtotal range of the order
  • Restrict methods based on categories of products that are in the basket
  • Can have a different configurable message on the order payment and invoice screens and the notification emails for each payment method using tokens
Learn more about the Payment Methods for Groups

Coupon Redemption

Clearly the most advanced and feature rich coupon redemption module for the Miva Merchant storefront system. Configure to redeem on the product page, basket page, and/or checkout pages. Configure free or discount shipping for the whole order or only certain products in the order. Easily interface with some of our other modules, e.g. follow-on contact or the sale saver in restock shelves to generate unique discount coupons on-the-fly to entice customers to return and buy more.
  • Configurable prompt
  • Configurable action
  • Configurable redemption
  • Configurable coupon rejection messages
  • Searchable coupon database with pagination
  • Easy view admin for coupon content and historical usage
  • Coupon codes can be individually assigned
  • Import coupon codes from flat file in bulk
  • Import from social coupon (e.g. Groupon) feeds
  • Auto-generate unique sub-coupon codes with token for emails or page views
  • Assign coupon code as a series for affiliate or campaign purposes
  • Checkout coupons one per order
  • Instant coupons on product pages, multiple per order
  • Basket page coupons, multiple per order
  • Points coupon can maintain a balance and can be reloaded
  • Fixed amount or percentage off eligible products discounting
  • Specific product eligibility can be scoped to the attribute level
  • Define the eligibility to products within specified categories in lieu of listing product codes
  • Minimum order subtotal of whole order or only eligible products/categories for redemption
  • Coupon can have a maximum discount value
  • Establish expiration dates
  • Line item display in basket after redemption
  • Single use coupons
  • One per customer coupons
  • Multi-use coupons (can be limited to number of redemptions)
  • Free/reduced shipping coupons
  • Fixed or percent discount off shipping
  • Prorated shipping; i.e. some free ship while others not free in the same order
  • Limit the country, state or zip a coupon can be used for
  • Combination of free shipping and order discount (% or fixed) coupon
  • Coupon label in basket defined globally (default) or for each coupon individually
  • Prevent some or all price group customers from redeeming coupons (global or individual)
  • Easy deletion of expired coupons
  • Coupon report identifies coupon usage and subtotals
  • Google checkout module compatible
Learn more about the Coupon Redemption

Attribute and Option Import From Flat File

Import attributes (text, textarea, checkbox, radio, and select) and options from an easily edited/managed flat file. You can also assign the type "template" to products if you have previously added the corresponding template manually through admin. It will not create the templates and its internal attributes/options. The module can also delete product attributes which the store owner identifies for deletion.

Learn more about the Attribute and Option Import From Flat File

Payment via PayPal

  • Accept payments via PayPal's "Website Payments Standard" in your store
  • Instant Payment Notification (IPN) sends a silent post to update the order as soon as the customer pays
  • Does not require or wait for the customer to return to your store to post the order in admin
  • Set store default currency
  • Adjust conversion rate from store currency to USD when the store's currency is not one of's directly supported currencies
  • Set the store's custom checkout screen to use when order is from your store
  • Set the return to your Merchant store button text
  • Display payment icons for the payment methods at on your checkout screens
  • Configurable drop down payment selection prompt and label
  • Configurable checkout screen message before going to paypal
  • Configurable invoice screen message
  • Configurable message for module token capable emails
  • Configurable message when IPN post from is delayed due to heavy Internet traffic
  • Security settings to reduce hacker fraud
  • PayPal usage report module in admin
  • Phone In Payment Info module included for use with credit card terminal or virtual terminal
  • PayPal module can even be used in a store which has other payment options available to the customer
  • Module allows IPN override so multiple stores, including non-Miva, can use a single PayPal account
Learn more about the Payment via PayPal

Sort Shipping Plus Free Shipping Option

  • Sort shipping methods in the order you want them
  • Template with tokens allows methods as select list or radio buttons
  • Country configurable template header
  • Default layout for those who do not have skills with HTML and tokens
  • Free shipping option based on order subtotal
  • Free shipping option based on number of products
  • Free shipping option based on weight of the order
  • Free shipping option can be limited to specific availability or price groups
  • Free shipping option can be limited to specific country location
  • Free shipping option can be allowed if order contains specified products
  • Label for free shipping is configurable
  • Configurable default message if no options are calculated
  • When only one option, list can be replaced with a single line display
  • Can hide or display shipping methods by ship to country location
  • Can have a different configurable message on the order payment and invoice screens and the notification emails for each shipping method using tokens
Learn more about the Sort Shipping Plus Free Shipping Option

Price Group Manager

Extend the functionality of the price group system in Miva Merchant. The built-in system lets you assign customers and products to groups so they can get a designated discount off specified products. PGM makes that system much more flexible by allowing tier pricing at the price group or individual product level.
  • Optionally override the price group's default discount with each product's custom discount
  • Recalculate basket prices upon login
  • Import customers and products into price and availability groups
  • Export customers in a price group
  • Auto-assign to price groups when products added via admin file import or one at a time
Learn more about the Price Group Manager

Restock Shelves

Automatically delete expired baskets and restock the inventory with the products that were sequestered in those expired baskets. Sale Saver emails can notify store owners with summary restocking results and identify customer and product info in abandoned baskets.
  • Reclaim the expired baskets and restock the shelves at store configured frequency
  • Report displays number abandoned and orders completed for any time period
  • Sale Saver email to store owner shows restock data along with customer info when known
  • You can automatically send the customer an email and make them a discount offer if you have our coupon module
Learn more about the Restock Shelves

Contact Manager

Sales, support and other inquiries between you and your customers are seamlessly integrated into your Miva Merchant store.
  • Easily integrate customer contact and inquiries
  • Collect typical name, email, subject and inquiry
  • Collect unlimited extra required and/or non-required fields
  • Math challenge question to reduce spammers
  • Hide your store's email addresses from spammer email address harvesters
  • Change the email address you want inquiries to go to through the admin panel
  • Launch the Contact Manager from Merchant or from a static page
  • Use a form or link to launch the Contact Manager
  • Assign the contact record to a specific technician or department with ease
  • Customer can select the target to send the inquiry to with a select list option
  • Contact is logged and is not effected when email servers are down
  • User interface is easily customized, even by html novices, from the module's admin configuration screen
  • In Merchant 5.x, use store morph technologoy to fully customize the form
  • Department codes, descriptions and email addresses are configured through admin
  • Admin section allows you to search one or more criteria to find messages
  • Edit the status and/or respond to the sender
  • Can send autoresponse email to customer so they know you received their inquiry
  • Includes a contact tracking number in the email subject
Learn more about the Contact Manager

Show Baskets

Display all open baskets in a table format. This report includes active and expired baskets. As a Miva Merchant store owner you are able to see how many people come to your store and abandon baskets, even after placing items in the basket. In some cases, customers get to checkout and then abandon baskets and you can determine that too.

Learn more about the Show Baskets

Swap Link

Easily create a static sitemap htm file. The module breaks the file into smaller files to increase the likelihood of indexing by search engines. Each file contains pagination links to the other sitemap files. The module can also create the short link styles being used by most Miva Merchant stores.

Learn more about the Swap Link

Customer Account Management

This legacy order history system is in this 5x store because we needed to maintain our 4x files to provide continuity. Eventually we will be inactivating this module in the store. It is still available for purchase for 4x stores, but has been discontinued for Merchant version 5x.
  • Order status updated in admin including tracking numbers and admin notes
  • Bulk update several orders' status with a single click
  • Status change emails with tracking links can optionally be sent to customers
  • Unlimited number of templates for the status change emails
  • Quick inventory adjustment when orders are canceled
  • End of day (EOD) productivity report for all dates, a range of dates, or specific date
  • EOD order status has editable tracking and status field for quick update of several orders - EOD display all records or just the records with a specific status
  • EOD contains links to the order edit screen for easy viewing of an individual order
  • EOD display of products sold summary reports
  • Run a Stock Level Report (SLR) to determine which items are nearing depletion
  • Editable interface to change the inventory levels of all/any products in the SLR
  • Export the SLR for mass editing/importing or to interface with your office backend
  • Immediately visible when you log into admin is the number of pending orders (4x)
  • Annotate progress updates from multiple departments within the order record
  • Progress is visibile to other admin entities within your store at all times
  • Customers can view their order status history including tracking links and product lists
  • Order status history can use default or store built template
  • Customers can view their invoice within current orders from the order status history or the link in the confirmation email
  • Customers can view their order status and shipping tracking by entering their order number and email
  • Customers can have one click re-order from invoices in the current orders
  • Auto-assign customer membership to price groups based on their order total history
Learn more about the Customer Account Management

Template Data Feed

Template Data Feed exports your product and category data in the file formats required for multiple data feed submissions (Google Base (Froogle), Google Sitemap XML, Yahoo, Shopzilla, etc.) for inclusion in their ecommerce search directories and shopping portals. Improve your search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Create the datafeed flat files directly from your admin
  • Exclude/include export of specific products by code, price, weight
  • Control over category insertion
  • Include custom field data to populate additional fields and/or added to the description.
  • Convert your store's currency to the target country's data feed requirement
  • Removes html from your product descriptions
  • No timeout issues when generating the data feed export of large numbers of products
  • Show export status in a progress bar
  • Exports to your documents directory rather than your data directory for ease of capture and transmittal
  • Optionally send a copy of the file as an email attachment
  • Create directory style and search friendly links in the feed to match those in your store
  • Template layout allows you to set the product data in the order you want it
  • Create xml feeds
  • List your specials in a specific category for RSS output
  • Parse OpenUI tokens in version 4x with OpenUI
  • Five pre-defined formats already configured: Google Base (Froogle), Yahoo, Shopzilla, Sitemap XML (for Google, Microsoft, Yahoo), Pricegrabber
  • Rearrange fields to fit the format of the shopping search index
  • Include custom fields not found in the standard Miva Merchant products database (year, actors, ISBN, etc.)
  • Include category matching so if the index uses a different or additional categorization, you can meet their requirements (Yahoo uses your category and theirs, Shopzilla has their own category ID system)
Learn more about the Template Data Feed

Follow-on Contact

Contact your customers a few days, weeks or months after they've purchased products at your Miva Merchant store with automatically generated emails. The email content is configured by the store owner through merchant admin.
  • Send after-sales emails at configurable number of days in the future
  • Obtain feedback from customers relative to the shopping experience at your store
  • In conjunction with our coupon module, provide a promotional coupon to increase the chance of return visits and sales
  • Generate product specific after-sales emails for one or two dates (each product can have a different number of days in the future)
  • Remind customers of re-order needs or companion products to the ones they already bought
  • Order reminders with quick add to basket link for each product to be re-ordered
  • Remove after-sales emails for a specific troublesome order
  • Put module in initial test mode to avoid improperly written and configured emails
  • HTML or plain text formatting
  • Can change character set from default iso-8859-1 to others, e.g. utf-8, in html emails
  • Email layout, wording, and design is configured in admin with templates and tokens
  • In conjunction with our Tool Kit module, recommend other products to buy based on products which were bought by other customers with the same product they had purchased
Learn more about the Follow-on Contact

Volume Pricing

Discount your product base prices based on the number of items ordered of identical products, eg 1-3 = standard price, 4-6 = lower, etc.
  • Discount product prices based on quantity ordered
  • Easy from - to price breaks in a single input
  • Unlimited price break ranges
  • Fixed price or percentage off regular price
  • Optional automatic start and stop dates for volume pricing
  • Use our time zone offset to adjust the time that the date changes
  • Each product can have different price breaks and dates
  • Can use price groups with percentage discounts
  • Optionally apply price group discount "on top of" volume price breaks
  • Can exclude price groups from volume pricing
  • Can exclude all except specific price groups
  • Hide or display table which depicts price breaks
  • Include a quantity input in the table on category pages
  • Volume price can be applied on identical products or can amalgamate
  • Can amalgamate discounts for different options of the same product code
  • Optional "as low as" to replace regular price
  • Optional strike thru of regular price followed by volume price
  • Can put all or some of your store products on sale within seconds
  • Can remove all volume pricing in the store within seconds
  • Flat file import for quick, mass updates
  • Optional wild card can apply same volume pricing to all products
  • Export volume pricing settings to flat file
  • Use tokens to place "as low as" and table on applicable screens
Learn more about the Volume Pricing

Buy X Get 1 Free

This module gives the shopper a discount based on a predetermined qualifying number of items. In admin the store owner sets the number of items it requires in order for the lowest priced item to be free. For every increment of that number, an item's value reduces the total sale. For example, if the number is 5 and the customer buys 5, the lowest priced item is free. If the customer buys 10, the lowest two items are free. In this store we have set the qualifying number at 5, so buy 5 and save.

Learn more about the Buy X Get 1 Free

Minimum and Maximum Quantity

Set minimum and maximum quantity order rules. You can establish a required minimum number of each product that must be ordered. You can also establish a maximum number of each product that can be in a single Miva Merchant order. You can also force multiples in a drop down quantity input.

Learn more about the Minimum and Maximum Quantity

Deal of the Day - Jun 21, 2021

Regular: $46.75     Today: $37.40

Season coupon: We are currently offering a coupon good for 5% off all plugin module purchases at this store. To redeem the coupon, enter SPRING2014 for the coupon code during checkout. The maximum redemption value of this coupon is $50.00. The coupon can be used in addition to software upgrade discounts and volume purchases, when applicable.

Mobile Optimization: All "GETMOBILENOW" coupons have been used. Check back periodically for additional allocations.

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